As of May 1,2014, Citizenship and Immigration announced that an overall cap of 8,000 new Canadian Experience Class applications would be implemented.

Please be advised that we have just received confirmation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that the cap for applications that will be accepted under the Canadian Experience Class stream has now been reached, and the program will no longer be accepting applications until the introduction of Express Entry.

While it is clear that online, there is still room within the cap, we have been advised by CIC that the online count is no longer accurate. Please see the following:

Total Applications Received Towards the Overall Cap: 4,537 / 8,000

*As of November 26, 2014

We anticipate that CIC will be making efforts to correct this information in anticipation of the launch of Express Entry. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any applications that may be affected by this information.