Kevin Zemp

Kevin Zemp

Barrister & Solicitor

Kevin Zemp is the founder of Zemp Law Group, with over 28 years of experience working in the immigration field. He is licensed to practice immigration and citizenship law in both Canada and the United States, which provides him with considerable flexibility to service clients with both Canadian and US immigration and citizenship needs.

Kevin acts for corporations, industry associations and individuals in providing advice and assistance with respect to cross-border issues and immigration requirements. His practice serves clients involved in the manufacturing, energy, high technology, telecommunications, automotive and entertainment industries, among others. He assists both individuals and corporations with work permit matters, residency and citizenship applications and many other immigration issues.

Prior to his admission to the bar, Kevin was employed as a senior immigration officer for the Canadian government. He previously served as Chair of the Alberta South section of the Canadian Bar Association and is a former Chair of the National Immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association. With his many years of experience in dealing with immigration matters, Kevin is able to apply significant background knowledge and understanding in order to resolve complex immigration issues on behalf of his clients.

Key Qualities

    • Born & Raised Albertan
    • Senior Immigration Officer for 4 Years
    • Admitted to the bar of Washington in 1999
    • Over 18 Years at Bennett Jones
    • Founder of Zemp Law Group
    • Chair of the National Immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association
    • Married for 22 years to Jeannette with 5 children
    • Extensive Involvement with the community and religious organizations
    • Recognized leader regarding immigration issues in both Canada and the USA.

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